Military Bases – San Diego

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Book military venue at least 1 year in advance if not sooner

There are potential savings due to no taxes added to wedding and reception

In order to book a military venue, one must be in the service, or retired from the service or have someone sponsor them who is or has been in the service.


Coordinating a wedding from out of town

Posted April 27, 2010 by joanwhalen
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1.  Hire a wedding planner/consultant in that area 

2.  Check on all references regards vendors and planner

3.   Let them help you gather all the resources

Invitations – Adults Only

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We really want to keep this an adult occasion.   Do  you think we will hurt our families if we tell them, we are not planning on having children attend?

Answer:  Heaven’s No!!! most of  your guests would like a day without the ankle biters!

Wedding – Brides

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Dear Brides – You  have looked forward to your wedding day since you were a little girl.  In your thoughts you have created a glorious event centering on yourself.    Bring your thoughts and ideas to me.   It will be a pleasure to give you a complimentary consultation and take you through step by step from inception of planning to end of reception.   This will give you an idea of all details involved including costs, contracts, venues, vendors etc and how your plans can be integrated.      Please email me at

Also, please check my website –

wedding coordinating

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Question:   I am planning my wedding and coordinating all the details.  So far I have had problems with vendors regards time lines and equipment, bridesmaid’s dresses, menu, location, invitations just to name a few.  What do  you suggest.

Answer:    Invest in a professional wedding planner-consultant-coordinator

Wedding – Witticisims

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Question: My family is trying to bring together my sister and her ex-husband.  They feel the best place to do this would be at my wedding.   I know my sister and my ex-brother-in-law.   They mix together like oil and water.  How do I discourgage this?

Answer:  Tell your family  the only thing you can reheat is spaghetti.

Wedding – additional expenses

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Question:    The venue where we are having our wedding reception is allowing us to bring in our own wine.  However, they are charging us a corkage fee, which I do not understand and feel is ridiculous.

Answer:  I am a little surprised  that any venue would allow this for the following reasons.

1. They will be stocking  your wine in their refrigerators and any open space (which costs money) before the wedding – using their labor to load and unload.

2. You will be using their labor, glasses, ice, (possibly cocktail napkins) trash etc.

3.  You will also be under their LIABILITY INSURANCE , which is very expensive.