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wedding coordinating

November 19, 2009

Question:   I am planning my wedding and coordinating all the details.  So far I have had problems with vendors regards time lines and equipment, bridesmaid’s dresses, menu, location, invitations just to name a few.  What do  you suggest.

Answer:    Invest in a professional wedding planner-consultant-coordinator


Wedding – Witticisims

November 8, 2009

Question: My family is trying to bring together my sister and her ex-husband.  They feel the best place to do this would be at my wedding.   I know my sister and my ex-brother-in-law.   They mix together like oil and water.  How do I discourgage this?

Answer:  Tell your family  the only thing you can reheat is spaghetti.

Wedding – additional expenses

November 5, 2009

Question:    The venue where we are having our wedding reception is allowing us to bring in our own wine.  However, they are charging us a corkage fee, which I do not understand and feel is ridiculous.

Answer:  I am a little surprised  that any venue would allow this for the following reasons.

1. They will be stocking  your wine in their refrigerators and any open space (which costs money) before the wedding – using their labor to load and unload.

2. You will be using their labor, glasses, ice, (possibly cocktail napkins) trash etc.

3.  You will also be under their LIABILITY INSURANCE , which is very expensive.  


To all brides – wedding

November 4, 2009

The most important thing to remember is to  HAVE FUN! – The bride has been dreaming of this day all her life.   Whether she’s 20 years old, in her 30’s , early 40’s or 50’s – ENJOY THE PROCESS.   SAVOR THE ANTICIPATION.  Do all the silly. giddy things you thought about.  Envelop the joy around you.  Don’t overhwelm yourself with details.

If you are a career woman or the CEO of  your own company, treat the wedding like a party, not a business event. Even with all the advice from family and friends – DO IT  YOUR WAY.   Remember no matter how much time and effort went into planning the ‘human element’ will invariably come into play and throw an obstacle or two into the best laid plans. Find the humour in things gone awry. 


Coordinating – catering sales director

November 3, 2009

Question:   I  have tried on numerous occasions to contact the catering sales director at the hotel where I  have booked my wedding and reception.   After about 2 days she answered my calls.  Usually she was more prompt than this.   I  have a lot of items to take care of and she is no help.

Answer:   The catering sales director’s job is to coordinate all the details pertinent to the event within the venue.  In other words, she COORDINATES all information with the head chef and kitchen staff – banquet manager – beverage manager – housekeeping – custodial department – and any other personnel within the venue who will be directly in contact with that particular event.   If you are calling her to help you with your personal items, plus getting in touch with all your vendors, time line, database, setting up appointments with vendors, etc etc etc.   THIS IS NOT HER JOB – THIS IS THE JOB OF A PRIVATE WEDDING COORDINATOR – If you do not have a wedding coordinator then I suggest you either hire one or have someone in your family act as a ‘POINT PERSON’  and let them know that this is work.

I have worked as a catering sales director and believe me you  have no time for a private life.   There were times when I put in as many as 72 hours in one week just keeping up with the changes that I had to pass on to all the departments.  


Coordinating – wedding

November 3, 2009

Question:   I am doing all the planning and coordinating for my wedding.   However, my family feel I should hire a professional wedding planner/coordinator.   I would much prefer to do everything on my own.

Answer:  Do take some time to think about this.  Ask yourself – “Do I want to be floating on ‘cloud nine’or drowning in details gone awry?   You be the judge of a consultant’s services.

weddings – chicken dinner

November 3, 2009

Question:  Why does a chicken dinner in some hotels cost as high as $70.00 per person.  This seems a bit extravagant.

Answer:   The chicken does not cost that much – it’s still a $2.50 chicken crossing the street.  What does cost money is the overhead (labor – production – materials – utilities – liability insurance etc.) that produces this chicken dinner.  It’s like a piece of gum – the stick of gum possibly costs .05 cents but the packaging, overhead etc plus advertising could bring that small package up to $2.00.