Coordinating – catering sales director

Question:   I  have tried on numerous occasions to contact the catering sales director at the hotel where I  have booked my wedding and reception.   After about 2 days she answered my calls.  Usually she was more prompt than this.   I  have a lot of items to take care of and she is no help.

Answer:   The catering sales director’s job is to coordinate all the details pertinent to the event within the venue.  In other words, she COORDINATES all information with the head chef and kitchen staff – banquet manager – beverage manager – housekeeping – custodial department – and any other personnel within the venue who will be directly in contact with that particular event.   If you are calling her to help you with your personal items, plus getting in touch with all your vendors, time line, database, setting up appointments with vendors, etc etc etc.   THIS IS NOT HER JOB – THIS IS THE JOB OF A PRIVATE WEDDING COORDINATOR – If you do not have a wedding coordinator then I suggest you either hire one or have someone in your family act as a ‘POINT PERSON’  and let them know that this is work.

I have worked as a catering sales director and believe me you  have no time for a private life.   There were times when I put in as many as 72 hours in one week just keeping up with the changes that I had to pass on to all the departments.  


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One Comment on “Coordinating – catering sales director”

  1. Miss understood Says:

    As a catering Chef, I am weary of brides who think the sales director will be their “step and fetch it” on the big day. when most of the time this person has the weekends off. She booked your wedding thats it. I truly wish there were a coordinator around when I and my staff are bringing in food unloading trucks when low and behold here comes people with gifts florist bakery ice sculptors, musicans asking where they are to set up.
    They zone in on me and my staff for direction and expect help lugging their stuff! Out of my passion for the business I do what I can. In most cases things go off well. But I have seen my fair share of bride’s in tears over these details over looked.

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