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Wedding – Brides

December 17, 2009

Dear Brides – You  have looked forward to your wedding day since you were a little girl.  In your thoughts you have created a glorious event centering on yourself.    Bring your thoughts and ideas to me.   It will be a pleasure to give you a complimentary consultation and take you through step by step from inception of planning to end of reception.   This will give you an idea of all details involved including costs, contracts, venues, vendors etc and how your plans can be integrated.      Please email me at

Also, please check my website –


To all brides – wedding

November 4, 2009

The most important thing to remember is to  HAVE FUN! – The bride has been dreaming of this day all her life.   Whether she’s 20 years old, in her 30’s , early 40’s or 50’s – ENJOY THE PROCESS.   SAVOR THE ANTICIPATION.  Do all the silly. giddy things you thought about.  Envelop the joy around you.  Don’t overhwelm yourself with details.

If you are a career woman or the CEO of  your own company, treat the wedding like a party, not a business event. Even with all the advice from family and friends – DO IT  YOUR WAY.   Remember no matter how much time and effort went into planning the ‘human element’ will invariably come into play and throw an obstacle or two into the best laid plans. Find the humour in things gone awry. 


Tips of The Trade – Wedding Stress

November 3, 2009

How to accomplish complete stress:

1. be overly detailed – meticulous – lint picking and demanding

2. Overspend – Tell all your vendors you can do their job better – Wait until the night before wedding to finalize details –

3. Do not eat breakfast day of wedding – To do so might calm your nerves

4. By all means do drink alcohol before the ceremony –

5.  Actually believe that your seating arrangement will make everyone happy

6. Be assured that the 8 piece band has plenty of room in a 10 foot by 8 foot space

My last comment is for family and guests