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Invitations – Adults Only

February 23, 2010

We really want to keep this an adult occasion.   Do  you think we will hurt our families if we tell them, we are not planning on having children attend?

Answer:  Heaven’s No!!! most of  your guests would like a day without the ankle biters!


Wedding – Witticisims

November 8, 2009

Question: My family is trying to bring together my sister and her ex-husband.  They feel the best place to do this would be at my wedding.   I know my sister and my ex-brother-in-law.   They mix together like oil and water.  How do I discourgage this?

Answer:  Tell your family  the only thing you can reheat is spaghetti.

Witticisims – coordinating

November 3, 2009

Question:  One of the family members who has organized some parties as well as church socials, is a real know-it-all.   She is imposing her ideas on me which is causing a lot of stress.  What can I do.

Answer:   Let  her know that if she wants to run the show she can also pay for it.

Witticisims – seating plans

November 3, 2009

Question:   There are a number of divorces on both sides of the family.  We are having a terrible time figuring out the seating plan and who should be seated with whom.   Some family members  have already voiced their displeasure when told they would be seated with other family members they do not like.   I just don’t know what to do

Answer:   Set up a large round or rectangular table with ‘highchairs’ for everyone that will be seated at that table and make sure  you include coloring books, rattles, noise makers and pacifiers.

Witticisims – budget

November 3, 2009

Question:  My parents, who are paying for the wedding, have issued an ultimatum that no more money will be spent beyond a certain figure.   I do not want to let go of anything and feel this is my wedding and I should have all the things I planned for .  Desparate.

Answer:  There are always part time jobs open at ‘Jack in the Box’ – ‘McDonalds’  etc.

Witticisims – security

November 2, 2009

Question:   People keep popping in to my home at all hours of the day while I am trying to get ready for my forthcoming wedding.   I am getting exhausted.   How do I  handle this?

Answer:    Have a guard dog standing by unless they are dropping off gifts

Witticisims – party time

November 2, 2009

Question:   Some members of the family on both sides really like to party and expressed insult that we were not providing a hosted open bar throughout the reception.   We cannot afford this – what do you suggest?

Answer:  Have them cut you a check for the amount of the bar and go for it.