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wedding coordinating

November 19, 2009

Question:   I am planning my wedding and coordinating all the details.  So far I have had problems with vendors regards time lines and equipment, bridesmaid’s dresses, menu, location, invitations just to name a few.  What do  you suggest.

Answer:    Invest in a professional wedding planner-consultant-coordinator


Wedding – planning ahead

October 31, 2009

Question:   My future in-laws, who are very well-to-do, have offered   to pay for the reception, which is extremely kind of them.   My parents feel they can provide a lovely wedding on the budget they have planned.   I agree with them.  How can I tell my future in-laws, thank you, but my parents will provide everything?

Answer:   Thank  you very much, however I do look forward to an extraordinary ‘rehearsal dinner’